Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tell me what you think about your situation

I am getting fucking fired up. Three stories came up today that make me want to shout and scream and just punch people in their goddamn faces.

Portland Catholic Diocese pulls funding from homeless shelter after said shelter supported marriage equality. (Portland Press Herald)

18-year-old gay student in Georgia who got the okay to bring his boyfriend to prom has been kicked out of his own home. (

Senator from Utah proposes amendment to HCR bill that would suspend same-sex marriage in DC until people can vote on the issue. (DC Wire)

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  1. Stories #1 and 3 don't surprise me at all. I was raised Catholic in a Republican part of Georgia, and I have no trust for Catholics or Republicans. But the second story is so discouraging. I'm a parent, and I can't imagine throwing my son out of his home. And it was just a one line comment in the article. A kid losing his home is a much bigger story than a prom. And people want to raise money for a limo ride for him? How about raising money for a place for him to live, or to go to college? Damn, I'd have the kid move in with my family if he needed a place to stay.