Saturday, June 12, 2010


My sister is graduating from highschool tomorrow and that makes me feel old.

I spent the day yesterday up at my grandparents doing some yardwork for them and now I am delightfully sore. They hired a kid my age from the neighborhood to help out and afterwards we went for a beer and hooked up. It was... well, it happened.

I was at an irish pub in the city last night and we ran into this group of rugby players that were out for a bachelor party. Very hot. One guy lost his wedding ring, freaked out and when my roommate found it he made the bartender set up a $100 tab for us as appreciation. He then spent a half an hour hugging me and saying things like "you're gay? I never would have pegged you for being gay. You're a really good looking guy! I have a roommate who is gay, you should meet him." The roommate wasn't there, but I didn't mind because the whole rugby team was very appreciative of us, the ring-finders. So what I'm saying is I spent the night being man-handled by rugby bears. Glorious.

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  1. A married guy has a male roommate? But why not go for it - I hope you got the roommate's number. Maybe you can offer yourself to the team for manhandling more often, lol.